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Since 2003, LLP/ Erasmus program of which the activities carried out under the Department of International Relations  has been conducted under the Students and Faculty Exchange Program since 2010. Since January 2015, it has been continuing to operate as Erasmus+ Program Coordinatorship in the Unit of Foreign  Affairs  General  Coordinatorship. Bulent Ecevit University  received  Erasmus Charter in 2004 and the unit  carries out the exchange program  under the European Union  Education and Youth Programs. Student and academic member exchanges in Erasmus Program are carried out by bilateral agreements between  European Union member countries and  Institutions of Higher Education.In the new process of  Erasmus program, Student Internship Mobility offers students to complete their internship. Academic  Member Training Mobility offers the administrative staff training at partner institutions.

The unit contributes to the internationalization of Bulent Ecevit University not only by executing  Erasmus+ Program also strengthening  international partnerships and establishing new collaborations.

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